Legislative Affairs

Senate Republican Caucus

The Maryland Senate Republican Caucus is comprised of the 13 Republican Members of the Maryland Senate who fight for accountability and transparency in State government and promote a true two-party system in Maryland.

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House Republican Caucus

Maryland House Republican Caucus is comprised of the 39 Republican members of the House of Delegates

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Maryland Republican Party


The Maryland Republican Party is committed to promoting conservative principles and values across the state. Our mission is to advocate for limited government, individual liberties, free markets, and strong national defense. We strive to support and elect Republican candidates who will uphold these principles at local, state, and federal levels. Through community engagement, grassroots organizing, and active participation in the political process, the Maryland Republican Party aims to foster a vibrant and prosperous state. We invite all Marylanders who share our vision to join us in our efforts to build a brighter future for our communities and generations to come. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and ensure that Maryland remains a place of opportunity and freedom.

(443) 906-3534

Nicole Beus Harris

Dwight Patel
3rd Vice Chair

Nicole Bennett
1st Vice Chair

Mark Uncapher

Kathleen Smero
2nd Vice Chair

Chris Rosenthal

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