About US

What We Are About

The Maryland Black Republican Council is a pivotal organization committed to advancing conservative values within the Black community across Maryland. We champion core Republican principles such as smaller government, tax reductions, robust national security and defense, and the nurturing of family values. Our mission is to ensure these ideals resonate within the Black community, providing a platform for diversity of thought and ideological engagement.

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where Black conservatives can unite, exchange ideas, and drive meaningful change. By offering educational resources and fostering community connections, we aim to enhance representation and empower Black Republicans throughout the state. Through our varied programs and initiatives, the Maryland Black Republican Council strives to be a leading voice in promoting conservative principles, aiming to shape a more prosperous and secure future for all Marylanders.

Advancing Conservative Values:

The MDBRC is committed to promoting key conservative principles such as limited government, tax cuts, strong national defense, and family values. Joining the council offers an opportunity to actively participate in advocating for these core beliefs and influencing the political discourse at both state and national levels.

Enhancing Diversity within the Party:

By supporting the MD BRC, members contribute to broadening the Republican Party‚Äôs appeal and demonstrating its commitment to diversity. This involvement is crucial in building a party that is truly representative of all segments of American society, thereby strengthening the party’s overall message and reach.

Promoting Political Education:

The council prioritizes political education and awareness, offering resources and learning opportunities about the political process, conservative policies, and current issues. This educational aspect is vital for all members to become more informed voters and advocates, capable of engaging in thoughtful discussions and making a significant impact.

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